What People Are Saying About Ina Bachman…

“It’s such a joy to work with Ina Bachman.  She’s an amazing coach.  she has the ability to create a wonderfully safe space for transformation.  She helps me see connections that I’ve never seen before, despite decades of personal growth work.  She is truly exceptional and I highly recommend her services.”

Cindy Briolatta, MA, MS, TIWC, Master Practitioner of NLP, Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer, http://www.cindybriolotta.com/

“Ina is brilliant and highly perceptive in her coaching.  She’s kept me on track and opened my eyes to addressing my work from a refreshingly new perspective.  The experience has been transformative!”

Lauren Garlick, Communication Skills Expert and Founder The Lauren Garlick Group  https://laurengarlickgroup.com

“Ina is perceptive, sensitive and a deeply insightful communicator.  Working with her, I felt safe and excited by all I could accomplish with her as my coach.”

Jocelyn Chemel, MA  Artist and Founder of Art On A Mission  http://jocelynchemel.com/ 

“I did a short course with Ina to learn the basics of Tapping into Wealth and EFT tapping.  I was impressed with her wisdom, compassion, and respect.  She listens carefully and responds thoughtfully.  Ina is not only a great teacher, but a living example of tapping put into practice in her own life.”

Laura Segel, Web Designer and owner ByteGraphics,  http://bytegraphics.com/

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Couple’s Money Matrix:

My husband and I had a powerful experience with the Couple’s Money Matrix. We were both moved by one of the exercises and afterwards were able to have a conversation about money that was not possible before.  I was able to see our struggles from a whole new perspective.  We’ve participated in couples Counseling in the past and had not had a breakthrough like this.  I wish we had done this 20 years ago.  I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with money issues in their relationship.”     Emily Taylor, Clinical Social Worker

” My experience of participating in the Couple’s Money Matrix with Ina Bachman was revealing.  I learned so much about the process and feel that I can handle my emotions better with the insights gained.  This will not only help me be a happier person but will help create and strengthen my relationships.  Thank You Ina!”    Cynthia Ferguson, Senior Instructional Designer

“I loved the Couple’s Money Matrix course. Even as a single woman I found the information so useful, relevant, and thought provoking. Ina’s concepts were well defined and delivered masterfully so I could apply them. And most surprising to me-I was able to gain new perspectives on triggers in my relationships, unrelated to money. Being able to identify triggers was so beneficial for my money, my family and my love life.  I now have more compassion for myself and others.  I look forward to more of your expertise and the safe environment you created to explore financial challenges and the interpersonal dynamics we are not even aware of.  With gratitude-I now feel more powerfully able to relate to money.”   Denise Simpson, Founder: Awesome Life Coaching,  http://denisemsimpson.org

“Ina is super clear in how she teaches the Couple’s Money Matrix.  I particularly liked how she applies the brain and emotions to relationships. What came up for me following her program was that I still held a grudge about an ex partner’s attitude towards money, regarding me. It was enlightening and priceless to find that nugget of regret that was blocking my sense of abundance, and to have the possibility to dissolve it and its repercussions in my present relationship.  I recommend this class, it was well worth the time.”    Sylvia D do Pico, CEO & Founder of Fauve Media Group LLC, a Communications, Branding and Coaching Power Station.

“Ina Bachman’s The Couple’s Money Matrix is an inspirational program that integrates materials and practices that are user-friendly on a daily basis. It enables us to grow together and support one another towards greater potential financially as well as other arenas of our lives.  Ina is a gifted, clear and motivating teacher who created a safe, supportive climate as we grappled with some of the challenging emotional material that emerged. I truly appreciate the shift I have been able to make in terms of accessing more clarity and compassion about my relationship to money and thus, responding to my family with greater spaciousness and wisdom.”    Laura Shakun PsyD.  Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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