I start every coaching relationship with a 30 minute Complimentary Clarity Session. In this session we’ll get very specific about the issues you’re facing and the vision you want to create for yourself.  Then we’ll work out if we’re a great fit. If we are, then we’ll establish a plan and decide what is the best way for us to work together.

When I work with clients, I am completely committed to you reaching your goals and providing support 100% of the way.  I understand the challenges that arise from stepping up and out in a whole new way. It is my intention to see you through to the finish line.

Optional Programs:

♣ Four Week Quick Start Session:  We’ll use these sessions to define what are your dreams and what are the obstacles holding you back. By the end of the four sessions you’ll have a deeper understanding of what’s in the way of reaching your goals and have clarity about your next steps.

♠ Three Month Discovery: With more time we can go below the surface to identify the root causes and start the deeper work of transformation. Each step forward can enlighten the internal obstacles blocking your path.  We will clear the blocks and map out the steps necessary to reach your destination.

♦ Six Month Power Program: After we locate and clear obstacles identified above, we will journey forward.  You will be supported in identifying and taking the big leaps, making huge steps of success and reaching your goals.  We will be on this journey together as you move into your new life, supported 100% of the way.

♥ VIP Day:  Let’s spend a day together for an intensive, transformative experience.  It’s amazing what can get done in an extended time block.  The day is often a combination of deep inner work, intertwined with incredible nurturing support, allowing yourself to receive and connect with your own inner knowing.

Want to find out more? To schedule your Complimentary Conversation, click on the link to my calendar.